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Unopened Doors Ch. 3
End of the movie -
"Sad movie" Shadow said  almost laying down on the couch bored.
"Ya ..... and a little dumb." Amy said disappointed.
"Really, how?" Shadow got back to sitting up straight.
"Well, she COULD have married the other guy it would be such a big deal and when Romeo came back they could have run away then. She didn't need to fake a death and send a letter which they should have KNOWN he wouldn't be able to read it."
Shadow thought about what she just said. Romeo and Juliet had a better chance by doing it that way plus, they should have known. People that believe that this was a good plan lets their hearts blind them. The people, like Amy, doesn't let them selves get blinded from love. Shadow started to laugh silently to himself. Ya right, Amy not blinded  by love, just look how crazy she gets over Sonic. That theory is proven wrong now.
Amy turned off the DVD player and put on regular T.V. After a half an hour of watching some cartoons (there was nothing else on) S
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 7 4
Beastboy and Raven's New Chapter ch. 8
Beastboy lead Shadow and Raven to a tree where they could relax in the shade. Beastboy lade on the grass with his eyes closed, Shadow was looking around with his touge out and Raven was just looking at the sky.
"Raven, do you ever think about the furture?"
She turned to him saying "I perfure I didn't."
He got up a little and looked at her "Well i have. I have a lot lately." Raven kept quite for Beastboy to keep talking. "Since, I don't have my powers anymore I think it's time for me to be leaving the tower. You guys can have another teen move in to take my room and it can be use full." 
Raven just looked at him and said "How can you say that to me or even do that to us."
Beastboy moves in closer to Raven. "Listen Raven, I stopped being a hero when I gave up my powers. Im still going to be there for you and protect you. Its just now i want a normal life; you know like getting a job but, not a tofo one, start dating, get mariried having kids. I made my choice and now Im going t
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 28 18
Unopened Doors Ch.2
Amy woke up in her bed. She got up, looked in the mirror and saw herself. Her eyes was red, her hair was a mess and she is still in the clothes she had on yesterday. She decided to stay in so, she went and took a shower and was going to go in her pjs and just eat ice cream while watching romantic movies. She didn't know why she was looking like this or feeling this way. After her shower she went to her kitchen to grab an apple. Maybe that will make her feel better, so she thought . When she was going back up to her room a voice told her good morning.
Amy turned around and saw Shadow sitting on the couch. Amy ran to Shadow and hugged his back. "When did you come back? We all thought you were gone forever."
"No, Ive just been traveling. He said while turning round. When he looked at her he looked away. "You should get dressed."
Amy look at her self and screamed. She ran up the stairs and Shadow was left down stairs with a smirk.
Shadow started to daydream a little. He was just walking ar
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 12 9
Beast boy and Raven's New Life ch. 7
ch. 7
Beastboy woke up with another dream. He put his hand to his face.
"Why did I get this one?" He looked around the room to see that he wasn't in his room, he was in Raven's. "What the ...".
He turned to his left to see Raven sleeping right next to him, RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. Raven's had her head on him and her arm hugging him. He saw that she was wearing her pjs and he was just wearing boxers. His cheeks turned bright red and it didn't help that Shadow was on the bed too looking at him.
"It's not what it looks like! Right?"
Shadow than went back to sleep. Beastboy looked at Raven again. He decided that her bed was comfy so might as well sleep in it we still have time to sleep, it was still dark out. Plus he didn't want to wake her up. He laid down with her again and was falling back to sleep.
Beastboy had continued his dream of Raven was still dying and this time he know who the man was. It was the beast that was in him.. Beastboy started to run and was able to get between them.
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 18 6
Unopened Doors Ch.1
Unopened Doors?
*Amy is now 16*
Amy was sneaking around Eggman's base looking on information on his new plan to take over and kill Sonic. Everybody was getting worried, it was been almost 11 months. She was wearing a one piece that covered her body and was black with her hair up in a pointy tail. Cream and Vanilla made it for her to she can have fun doing these types of missions. The way it looked made her feel like a spy. She was walking around on the walls, doing cartwheels and flips, humming a song that she pretend it was her theme song, and was ready for anything. She was like that for an hour and she didn't see or find anything. There was no robots anywhere and she soon got bored. She stopped caring and was walking around stomping her feet. She was coming to a open room and she was able to hear a faint voice up ahead. She quietly went to the door and peeked her eyes in.
"..... do you say Shadow?"  Dr. Eggman said sitting on a chair finishing a sentence.
Shadow stood ther
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The letter by blueangelwar The letter :iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 18 5
Beast boy and Raven's New Lifechapter 6
Ch. 6
The hut was empty, all there was, was a bed.the floor was just the dirt from the desert. Robin knelled to the ground and started to examine it. He was able to find an underground stair case hiding under all of the dirt. He left up the wood and dirt and stared to walk down the stairs with the other titans behind him. The stairs was so tight and it got dark fast. Even Cyborg light couldn't even help them. The titans couldn't see their hands if it was in front of their face. The stairs seems endless at one point so, they decided to fly down. Raven carried Cyborg while Starfire carried Robin. They were able to reach the bottom after 2 minutes. They walked straight and tried to walk quickly and quietly. For all they know he could have been dying or already died.
A light turned on from a distance and then another and than another. The lights in the whole place light up and their was Agnor standing there.
"Where is beastboy?" Robin yelled at him.
"Back home safe and sound." He said and
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shadowxamy-love : Ever After
*Please press the capital T on the top right on this page because for some reason it is
cutting off a lot of words for some reason*
Amy was reading another deviantart story faction about her and the guy she is in love with Shadow the Hedgehog also known as "The Ultimate Life Form." She has been reading numerous stories about them and she couldn't stop reading or looking at the art work. Many made her cry, laugh and made her excited for her future with Shadow but, at times made her depress.
"Amy are you still reading that crap?"  Shadow was leading on the wall next to the laptop with a serious face that made you know he was tired of her on the computer twenty-four seven.
"IT'S NOT CRAP, ITS ROMANTIC!" she yelled while shutting down the laptop. "These guys except so much from us and look at us we do nothing like that, are lives are nothing like that." She ran under the bed and put the blanket over her head.
Shadow took a deep breath and walked over to her. "
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shadowxamy-love : Time Travel
*Please press the capital T on the top right on this page because for some reason it is
cutting off a lot of words for some reason*
THURSDAY, AUGUST 9th - Time Travel
In a forest there is a cliff where Shadow was sitting on. He was looking at the sunset and all he was thinking about was his friend Maria that died many years ago. She always wanted to come to Earth, she was so fascinated by Earth and these humans. He remembered when he was only a few months old he used to follow Maria every where. He didn't know that much but most of the things he know, he learned from her. He remembered the picture she hanged up on her wall that was a picture of a sunset. He would have done anything to have Maria right here so he can show her this.
The sunset was really wonderful. The sun was at the perfect spot, there was trees everywhere with a trail at the side that was empty of people. It led to another cliff where there was a waterfall. This is what Maria wanted not him, all he wants was his friend
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Beast boy and Raven's New Life chapter 5
Chapter 5
At Teen Titans Tower -
Robin was working on the computer, Raven was on the wall making sure the criminal wouldn't escape from her bubble. Robin stopped looking at the computer and looked at the criminals face.
"Who are you? I can't found out who you are on the computer." Robin said
"My name is Agenor and I'm not in any systems. When it comes to the system and normal life i don't even exist."
"Where are you from?"
"Does it really matter? The real question is why I'm here."
"Ok than why are you here?"
"For him" he pointed at the door way where Beastboy was standing.
"But, why me." Beastboy said while getting closer to the bubble.
"You are the only one that was the power of the Green Monkey. Everyone that the Green Monkey has scratched had died a week
later along with not getting the power. Some how you lived through it and I want it."
"Why do you need him? There are many other people with the ability to change into different animals." Robin said
"Because the Green Monkey has th
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 18 3
Raven and Beastboy's New Life Ch.4
Raven and Beastboy's New Life
Beastboy came in Raven's room "What's the problem."
Raven looked at him "Nothing. I heared everything."
He looked down staring at the floor saying "You did." Than looked at her again.
"Ya and ....
Her sentence was cut short because the alarms went off.
Starfire was flying in the hall way and yelled "There is trouble"
-At the public park-
A man that was 8 feet tall with no hair and only had half a face was terrorising the park. "Come out Teen Titans, fight me!" He throw large bolder and throw it at a carage that had a baby inside.
Raven stoped the bolder from smashing the baby and gave the baby to the mother. Cyborg stood 20 feet from him with his sonic blast ready to fire. "Stop what you doing now."
The attacker put his hands up and said "You got me ..... just kidding" and jumped and hit is fest to the ground and made an earthquake.
Cyborg fell along with robin behind him. Starfire started shoting at him with her powers but it didn't work and he turned aro
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 18 2
My dog that passed by blueangelwar My dog that passed :iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 5 48
Beastboy and Raven's New Life Ch. 3
Beastboy was driving in his car with raven next to him.
All Raven could see was a huge parking lot fulled with cars and a huge mall.
Beastboy opened her door and walked her into the mall.
"Close your eyes" Beastboy said when he was controlling her back.
"This better be good other wise I'm leaving you here and talking the car."
After many steps, an elevator, and even more steps they came to their objective.
"We're here Rae"
Raven opened her eyes to see a pet shop.
"A pet shop, why are we here?"
"Where adopting a puppy" he said after turning into a dog.
Both of them walked in a saw numerous types of dogs.
"All of these dogs have been beaten, abandon, or was born here. I thought it would be a good idea to help save one."
Raven smiled at this idea to an animal that was like this. She looked around and fell in love with one. It was a pointer\labor dog. He was a shape of a labor dog but had a black cout with a white line under him. He reminded her of the T.V show Sonic the Hedgehog, the one
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 28 12
Beastboy and Raven's New Life Ch. 2
"Mom? Dad?" Beast Boy was walking around in a wild forest in Brazil looking for his parents. He felt someone watching him. He slowing turned around and saw a green monkey looking at him. Beast boy tried to turn into an hawk, it didn't work. He then started to run for his life but he wasn't going any where. Every time he looked behind he just saw the green monkey looking at him and he seemed to be closer every time he look back.
When he looked straight again Beast boy found himself in a river. He swam back to shore and he looked at him self in the water. He could recognize the kid that was looking back. After a few seconds he started to scream. He realized the child that was looking back  was the old him. White skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and a young kid. He took in the moment he had to look at the person he once was. A gush of wind went into his hair and he looked up to see the green monkey looking at him. The monkey pushed him down and Beast Boy started to scream. The look
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 33 18
Beastboy and Raven's New Life ch.1
Beast boy and Raven's New Life
The story of the Teens Titans has continued (even though the series finished) they had gotten older, they made relationship and became stronger, but when it came to Beast Boy and Raven something happened that changed their whole life style.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!!!" every one of the Teen Titans members said in person or on the big T.V screen.
Raven blow out the candles and gave a little simile to everyone.
Starfire gave a huge hug to her best friend "I hope friend Raven enjoys her 17th Birthday. We worked so hard to surprise you."
"Ya Star this is one was better then last year"
Cyborg then yelled and said "Come on everyone it's time to go party on the 5th level I made it into a mini club!"
"Thanks for calling in to say happy birthday it means a lot. Good luck on your missions" said Raven to the members that was on the screen.
The members went back to their mission and everyone else ether took the elevator, stairs or just flew down to the 5th floor. There
:iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 63 14
gothic fairy by blueangelwar gothic fairy :iconblueangelwar:blueangelwar 7 11


daddy's little girl by blackrosemetal daddy's little girl :iconblackrosemetal:blackrosemetal 170 103 Inu Comic PODOL: Chpt. 1 - Pg. 18 by WhiteRiceLover Inu Comic PODOL: Chpt. 1 - Pg. 18 :iconwhitericelover:WhiteRiceLover 73 7 [Kaichou wa Maid-sama]  Usui and Misaki by reiko-akire [Kaichou wa Maid-sama] Usui and Misaki :iconreiko-akire:reiko-akire 128 30
Gone wrong (part 3 final) The Darkest Powers Fanfi
It felt nice, dancing with Chloe.
I loved her ever since the day we met.
She was nice and funny and cute and for some reason she liked to hang around with me.
I guess I shouldn't ask for more.
But now. With her in my arms. It felt so good.
I let out a sigh.
'Something's wrong?' Chloe asked softly.
'No, nothing.' I said and pulled her body a little closer to me.
Coward! You should tell her how you feel! I said to myself a  little pissed.
I saw Chloe smile and close her eyes.
Just enjoy the moment Derek. For your own sake.
I closed my eyes too and we kept on dancing.
Suddenly there was a loud "bang" and I heard Chloe scream.
She lost her balance and fell against me.
'Chloe!' I said in shock.
My knees gave in because I was to surprised and we fell on the ground.
I looked down at her and saw a big wound in her chest. My eyes got big and scared when I saw the amount of blood coming out of it.
Chloe touched her chest and, by the way she looked, she could t
:iconthehartofeclipse:TheHartOfEclipse 4 7
Legend of Korra - Legs Eleven - 5 by crusanite Legend of Korra - Legs Eleven - 5 :iconcrusanite:crusanite 464 99 Love Struck: Shadamy Pg5 by ShadowBabe1 Love Struck: Shadamy Pg5 :iconshadowbabe1:ShadowBabe1 238 203 sonamyshad manga - TOTAL SWITCH - page 8 by koda-soda sonamyshad manga - TOTAL SWITCH - page 8 :iconkoda-soda:koda-soda 542 113 TTGB: One day by carrinth TTGB: One day :iconcarrinth:carrinth 885 279 Lin and Tenzin sitting in a tree... by LilyScribbles Lin and Tenzin sitting in a tree... :iconlilyscribbles:LilyScribbles 450 58 Brin home the gold by boushido Brin home the gold :iconboushido:boushido 45 24 Nightmares :FINAL PART: by chickenMASK Nightmares :FINAL PART: :iconchickenmask:chickenMASK 462 119 Spider-Lin by Volts48 Spider-Lin :iconvolts48:Volts48 344 144 AANG NO by tsukia-KARI AANG NO :icontsukia-kari:tsukia-KARI 924 65 Breaking Rules by I-wuv-Bolin Breaking Rules :iconi-wuv-bolin:I-wuv-Bolin 514 80 Avatar: Like old times... by Mylla-Peppers23 Avatar: Like old times... :iconmylla-peppers23:Mylla-Peppers23 255 38


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Its summer so its back to writting! get ready the shadow and amy story is back and beastboy and raven :D



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